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Exams, Care and Maintenance

Denture Checkups for Oral Hygiene in Surrey

Our denturist at South Point Denture Clinic will provide professional cleaning and education in the maintenance of your soft liner. Being an important investment, your dentures require proper care and attention to ensure optimal functionality. Our denturist will help you maintain your dentures and oral tissues by assessing their fit and function with an annual examination. 

  • Medical and dental history Ensuring that your medical and dental history is updated is an important part of your well-being as any changes can affect the fit and function of your dentures as well.

  • Oral cavity We can identify oral abnormalities with annual examinations.

  • Tissue and bone There are several reasons that can cause changes in tissue and bone, and ill-fitting dentures can lead to further changes. Our denturist can assess and recommend appropriate solutions in such situations.

  • Fit and feel of your dentures If your dentures are not well-fitted, they can cause bite, speech and tissue problems. If left unchecked, it can even lead to future complications.

  • Checking the structural integrity of your dentures Our denturist will examine your dentures for any cracks, chips, or broken/loose teeth and will offer advice on the most suitable course of action.

Care and Maintenance Involves

  • Updating medical and dental history chart

  • Examining your oral cavity and head and neck region

  • Assessing your tissue, bone, denture stability, and the structural integrity of your denture and bite

  • Reviewing oral hygiene care

  • Cleaning and polishing your denture at request

  • Counselling you for any present or future procedures

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